Too many people suffer depression and anxiety in silence and frustration. Not everyone can tolerate pharmaceutical drugs, and many more don’t want to rely on them. I’ve always been a private person, but I’m daring to share some of my personal stories to help you and others. There are many ways for people to feel better without taking pharmaceutical anti-depressant medicines. Not that there is anything wrong with taking medicines that help you.

To be clear, I respect the value of pharmaceutical drugs when they work and have many friends who use them to find relief. And believe me, I'll take some ibuprofen or other over the counter medicines when I need some relief. There's no judging here. I only share some thoughts. Everyone needs to be their own advocate and do what is right for them. Whether you take anti-depressants or not, I offer information and ideas to inspire your personal empowerment towards feeling better no matter what. I am an advocate for alternative therapies, natural medicines and traditional medicine. They work for me. Through my stories, I’ll show you I'm living proof that they can work. Maybe they can help you too.

I’ve lived with depression and anxiety my whole life, and with those came a plethora of ways it manifested; OCD, IBS, leaky gut, low self-esteem, victim mentality, procrastination, self-loathing etc. I share some of the ways I’ve learned to continually grow and move beyond these issues while alleviating my symptoms as naturally as possible. Mindfulness and meditation are a huge piece of the puzzle, but with this list of issues, I needed even more help. Happy is a simple guide for anyone interested in learning more about practical, yet non-conventional tools and techniques to live a more balanced and comfortable life.

I hope to motivate you to discover your own personal formula for success and take the steps toward having more control of your health and happiness, whatever it takes. Like I said, there's no judging here. Everyone is unique. We all have burdens to bear. I’m not a doctor or a coach. I’m a person who cares, and I want to make the world a happier place.