I wrote Let Me Go during a time my freelance work had slowed down and I took some hours as a personal home health care worker. I'd worked as a direct care worker in my twenties and knew my way around a hospital bed.

The woman I took care of had Alzheimers. Her name was June and all she wanted was to stay in bed and sleep. I was asked to wake her for lunch or dinner. She would reluctantly get up, some days with more fight and cussing than others, and slowly make her way to the dining table. It was only fifteen feet away, but the trek inevitably took ten minutes or more. Her physical and emotional pain was obvious.

We'd chat during meal time when she'd share some of her happiest memories of long ago romances and adventures, or express how tired and frustrated she was with the boredom and physical pain of her current life. Sometimes we would watch Jeopardy together and inevitably she would ask to go back to bed.

During the long hours when June was sleeping I'd work on art, listen to podcasts or write songs. Let Me Go was written in June's living room while she slept.

Back at home, my husband and I knew our fifteen year old malamute Niko wouldn't have much longer with us. We took her to her favorite beach and gave her extra love, treats and massages those last few months. One day she let us know she was ready to go and we were able to give her the gift of "no more suffering".

Niko crossed the rainbow bridge in October 2009. June left this world a year later.

I went to Eric Lichter at Dirt Floor Studios to record. I had the melody and lyrics, but couldn't play any instruments well enough to bring it to life. Eric played and recorded all the music on Let Me Go.

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Deep Blue Remedy started when my photographer/musician friend Chris Devlin Brown and I decided to work our duet into a full band. We had been playing together for nearly ten years. He played double bass or ukulele and I would sing the blues. See videos of us playing together on my video page.

Chris found our guitarist William Dallas. And after a few different drummers, Wil brought in his good buddy Brian Caudle and we had a band.

We had to create a demo and figured why not make an EP of some of our favorite covers. We went to PWOP Studios in New London and made it happen with Carl Franklin. Since we had an EP, why not put it out in the world for people to grab for their own collection?

Like many bands, Deep Blue Remedy had a short life span. We disbanded at the end of 2016, but the music lives on.

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