Have you ever stopped, looked around and thought "Where am I? And why am I in this hand basket?"

Life can be overwhelming with all of it's twists and turns, the constant barrage of negative messaging and the inevitable changes we are forced to go through. How can we manage it all?

In the face of all of today's challenges, Joell helps people find a positive perspective to step into the world with a renewed sense of hope and responsibility.

Having depression and anxiety her entire life is the cherry on top of Joell's journey, but even with these invisible diseases, she has figured out ways to be a productive business woman and positive contributor to society, a happy and enthusiastic lover of life, a compassionate friend to many and a supportive and loving partner to her husband.

She is the author of "Happy: How to Manage Depression and Anxiety Without Big Pharma" and shares her tips and techniques with her keynote speech, workshops and breakout sessions.

Joell keeps the audience engaged and entertained while sharing this important message with humor, personal stories, music and heartfelt connection.

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